Eizo Bag Big Bullet
Eizo Bag Big Bullet

Eizo Bag Big Bullet

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Welcome to the new concept of professional bags.

The XMF line is the result of careful research into professional boxing bags.

Made of 2 mm thick microfiber resistant to abrasion and tearing, with triple stitching in the sensitive points and double on all surfaces.

Hammered and opaque finish for a fine design.

This line of bags is filled on the outer perimeter with layers of polyurethanes of different densities, to protect athletes from passive vibrations and consequent trauma to the joints.

In the central internal area, the sterilized, pressed and precisely positioned fabrics of various weights allow for a suitable weight and balance of the bag.

Vertical microfiber laces reinforced with multiple stitching lines and steel rings. The internal polyurethane protections allow the bag to maintain its shape over time.

Experiment with using an unconventional sack

- Height 49.2 inch

- Circumference 86.6 inch 

- Weight 143 lbs 


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